Venn Rev 35 TCD filament wound tubeless clincher disc brake carbon rims
June 6, 2017
Venn Rev 35 TUC filament wound full carbon tubular rim
June 6, 2017

Venn Rev 35 TCC filament wound full carbon tubeless clincher rim brake rim


Filament wound full carbon tubeless, or clincher rim, 35mm profile. Rim brake.

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The 35mm deep and 27mm wide rim profile and the +45/-45 degree carbon fiber winding angle results in wheels that are laterally very stiff, but vertically compliant increasing the responsiveness and road holding ability when compared to traditional carbon wheels. The rims are compatible with tubeless or clincher tires.

Wind tunnel tested aerodynamics

Venn Rev 35 rim series is the only OEM rim with wind tunnel data. You can be confident that our rim does not just look aerodynamic, but that it actually is aerodynamic. The results show that the Venn Rev 35 rims compare very well to much deeper profile rims while offering superior handling in cross winds and lower weight.

Manufacturing technology

Machine filament wound

Brake compatibility


Tire type



29", 700c


27mm external, 19mm internal





Rim weight

Raw finished 455±15g


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